The Joys of having CF

The Joys of having CF

Monday, May 17, 2010

Be an Organ Donor

I would like to do this post on Organ Donations. Now, I want to encourage everybody to be an organ donor. I think that before you make your decision to be an organ donor or to not be an organ donor, I think you need to ask yourself a few questions:
*Do I have anything to loose? NO
*If something happened to me(you) or a family ,would I(you) want someone else to be able to live longer?
*Do you(I) know anybody that may be waiting for some kind of transplant, and are just waiting for a donor?
and the most important one:
*If you(I) needed a transplant, would you(I) want someone to help you?
Now, I am a big hitter for being an Organ Donor, because with me having CF, I know how much some people's LIFE depends on organ donors. If someone needs a lung transplant, they can't get one, unless there's a donor. That's why I feel so strongly about being a organ donor. So, please think about those questions, and ask yourself, "if I was in need of a transplant or anything, would I want someone to help me"

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