The Joys of having CF

The Joys of having CF

Thursday, May 20, 2010

CF goes on Vacation

So, you're probably thinking it's a goofy title "CF goes on Vacation", but it's true. You see I'm in Kentucky for a mini vacation from (Friday-Sunday), and my parents have some meetings with their business, and as I get older and start packing my own things, you realize that wherever you go, CF is always with you. I have to make a list of the things to remember so I make sure I bring EVERYTHING! I need for the few days. My list for this trip consisted of:
*VEST machine
*VEST (to wear)
*VEST (hoses)
*Compressor(for my inhailed medicines)
*(2) Mist Cups
*Mask for Mist Cups
*6 Tobi Viles
*6 Pulmozime Viles
*8 Sailine Viles
*Advair Puffer
*Albuteral Puffer
*Chamber for the Puffers
*Flonase nose spray
*Vitamin D pills
*Enzymes (Pancreacarb MS-16)

Now, I believe that was everything that was on my list. Now when you have CF, all of that eventually becomes a routine and very easy. Now, I make sure I bring all this stuff so my Lungs & Me stay healthy. I hope you remember that when you go on vacation, so does your CF and don't you want to stay healthy? Well, I hope this post helps you to decide that if you don't take your medicines with you when you travel because it takes up to much room, or you want to just have fun. You should rethink that next time, because if you go just a few days without any medicine, you're hurting your OWN body. Think about that. Now while I'm on vacation there is a few extra things I'm going to do to help my body.
1) I'm going to go swimming(which is a GREAT workout for your lungs)
2) Instead of taking the car everywhere we go, we're going to walk to different places.
Those are just some of the little things you can do to help your body stay healthy. Have a GOOD HEALTHY WEEKEND!!!

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