The Joys of having CF

The Joys of having CF

Thursday, May 6, 2010

GREAT Appointment

So, yesterday (Wednesday) I had a Dr. Appt in Minnesota at my specialist, and it was GREAT,not only did I have my new doctor, but my breathing levels are up, they are at my ultimate best right now. I'm so excited.
Then I asked my Doctor about the medicine I was told about that could be the cure for the basic CF gene, and she said it was true. You see, in the research process of medicines there are 4 stages; Stage 1 & 2 is uaually just a few days/weeks/months, tested only in adults to make sure there is no sideffects, then in Stage 3 (which is what this med is in) is where they give it to adults & some kids and have them try the medicine for a whole year, and if it works then it goes into the final Stage 4. Now it will probably take anywheres from 3-5 years, by the time Stage 3 is done, then Stage 4, and i'm now sure exactly when the FDA has to approve it, it might be in Stage 4.
Now, to see if the medicine is helping treat the CF gene, you have to have a sweat test, and what a sweat test is, it is a test where I believe it determines if you have CF, and what deffect you have(there are a few different kinds of gene deffects). Now when they are testing the med/researching, the people that are taking the med, they will have to take a sweat test at the end of the research (it depends what stage it's in), and if at the end of the research (however long it is), if it shows up that you "don't have CF" that means that it corrected the basic deffect of CF that you have in your body.
Now I hope that that made sence. I'm not an expert at it by anymeans, but that's how I was explained, and I think it's simple enough to understand instead of in medical terms =) If you have any questions, just leave me a comment.

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