The Joys of having CF

The Joys of having CF

Friday, May 7, 2010

Is CF a Love or Hate Relationship?

Now you're all probably thinking i'm nuts about calling CF a relationship, and some of you are probably thinking it's a "hate" relationship. Well, for me personally I think it's a Love Relationship. I love having CF! I honestly do. It's a part of me that I will have forever, even when there is a cure for it. I think of it as a part of me that I will always have and nothing is going to change that. Now I'm probably babbling, but here's my point.
Everybody has the right to have an open mind about CF. You may "hate" it, or you may have just learned to live with it.
Well I call it a relationship, because I believe a relationship is something that you will have forever and that will last a lifetime. I truely believe that is what CF is. I know you may not like it, and yes I will agree, sometimes it's not all so fun, like being sick etc...but I want you to try to remember that you are NEVER given more than you can handle, and I think that if you have CF you are a very strong person.
Now, when there is a cure for CF, and whatever the cure may be, probably some sort of pill, and when you have that medicine, you may want to forget that you ever had CF, and that's totally okay, but I want you to remember, that no matter what, CF will always be a part of you, and it will be something you will have/remember for the rest of your life, and I hope that whenever you sometimes get mad at having CF, I hope you sit and remember all the life lessons CF has given & tought you, because "you are never given more than you can handle", and remember CF is part of your life, and I hope you don't ever regret having CF, because CF believe it or not, I believe has tought you many life lessons and made you a stronger person.
Remember; CF isn't just more than a burden in your life, because it's not, it's just a friend/relationship that will always be a part of you forever and you have to just accept that. CF isn't a bad thing, so don't hate it, learn to just live with it.

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