The Joys of having CF

The Joys of having CF

Saturday, May 8, 2010

Lazy Day

Do you ever have one of those days where you just have a "lazy day", where you stay in your pj's all day, do nothing, absolutely nothing even though you have 2 baskets of clothes to fold, and a puppy to play with. Well today was my lazy day. My puppy "Bo" and I played on the computer, watched movies, ate a whole pizza(I ate the pizza not the dog, he had dog food & dog treats), and did absolutely nothing else. It turned out to be the perfect day. I wish these days were more often. While I had my lazy day, I found another quote that I just love, I'll end with it, and I hope tomorrow every mom has a great mothers day. Have a good rest of the weekend.

"money doesn't make you rich, life makes you rich"

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