The Joys of having CF

The Joys of having CF

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Don't Stop Believin'

i hope everybody remembers to not stop believing. belief is something everybody must have, just as you must have faith. i heard a quote one time, "you must always have faith in each other, but you must always have faith in yourself". i thought that quote was amazing.
have you ever thought what belief means? do you always believe in yourself? or sometimes do you just stop having belief in everything. i believe that if you don't have belief in your life, your life won't mean so much. if we stop believing our goals and dreams won't come true. if we take the time to have faith, and believe-you will be surprised how your life changes.
my life has changed, as many of you know, tramendously in the past month.
i put in for make~a~wish, got a phone call from them, got approved, got an evelope in the mail from them, got a phone call, and tomorrow night(Monday) my wish granters are coming to our house for a visit to get to know my family, and find out what my wish is. i totally believe that if i would have stopped having faith, and stopped believing that none of this would have been possible. i strongly suggest that you should have faith, and don't stop believin'
I highly suggest that if you have never heard of the song, Don't Stop Believin' by Journey, I think you should give it a listen, because it's in my list of favorites.
and i want you to remember, no matter what health issues occur, keep moving forward, keep your faith, and don't stop believin. because only good things will happen if you just remember don't stop believin, and you must always have faith in each other, but you must always have faith in yourself.

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  1. Nice, positive post. Can't wait to hear how things go today with make-a-wish.