The Joys of having CF

The Joys of having CF

Thursday, September 16, 2010

CF is NOT a disease

most people think that CF is a disease. well sort of, but the phrase illness sounds a lot better. i had one doctor tell me(Dr. Warwick), and sort of give me a lecture one time about calling it a disease. he said, "CF is not a disease, because if it was a disease everybody would have it, because a disease is contagious,". he told me, "Paige, you just have an incurable illness". and after that i thought wow! so true. CF isn't contagious because if it was, man everyone of my family members would have it. haha. so, i would like to inform people that you do NOT, i repeat DO NOT have a disease, you just have an incurable illness. so maybe that will make somebody's day a little brighter.
let me just say that was the longest dr's appt, i think i've ever had(Dr. Warwick created the vest), he was filling in for my one dr, Dr. Carlos Milla(who is now at Stanford, and helped Dr. Warwick create the vest). this dr loved to talk, i mean loved to talk, but he did have tons of knowledge. *he is also the same dr. that created the vest*

everyones opinions are different/unique in their own special way

i was recently looking at somebody's facebook profile, and i love reading my cf friends profile's to see how they describe cf (if they put it in their bio) one person had--life threatning illness, another person had, life shortening illness, somebody else had this horrible illness kinda get the point of how everybody describes what cf is in their own special way. me personally i describe it as an incurable illness. there are many ways to describe what cf is. i love just looking to see how people describe it in their own words. its so interesting.
i believe that everyone has the right to have their own opinion. i think its great seeing how people describe it, because you can kinda get/feel how their perspective on cf is. i hope that made a little sence, but i want to thank everybody for having such very different opinions on cf. it makes it so interesting to hear everyones opinions on cf.