The Joys of having CF

The Joys of having CF

Thursday, January 6, 2011


Okay, so I didn't have a great appointment at all like I thought! I woke up this morning, and was feeling great, got some vest done, got my cup of coffee and away we went to University of Fairview Medical Center in Minnesota. So, at around 9:00 a.m. it was PFT(pulminary function test--measures my lung function) time. Now I normally Love doing PFT's it makes my lungs feel so wonderful after I do them. I feel like a new girl after them. So anyways, last time in October my lung function was 97%, which is AMAZING!!! I was the healthiest I've ever been in my whole entire life. Now, in my previous post(s) I had talked about my resolutions for 2011, and one of them was, staying healthier, and no hospital stays. Well anyways it's PFT time. I blow my first one...88% yuck! so then I blow again...90% bad. So then I think, oh I left my stupid retainer in, maybe if I take it out that will help :) nope!!! I blew two more 90%'s, and two more 92%'s. That makes a total of 6 tests(normally we do 3-4). Oh, and now my chest feels VERY tight(not good). So, mom and I looked at each other, and we both new--X-ray time! So off we go to our normal appointment, and they take my blood pressure 141/58 or something like that. That's really high! They did it again, then it was 130/52 or something like that. Still high, but better. **Before we left it eventually was down to 110/? :) all I know is it was better. So then it's time to see the dr. First the fellow comes in, and takes notes etc...then my regular dr. Dr. Lagoona. She's awesome! I think I have pnemonia again, just by the way I felt after PFT's, they had a suspicion that's what it was to. So down to X-ray we go. Now by having so many X-rays in my life, I have become pretty good at reading my X-rays, and let me tell you-this X-ray was anything but good. It was bad! I could see shading everywhere. Right upper and lower lobe, and left upper and lower lobe. GREAT!!! So they call in an antibiotic, Cypro, well then we get home after 2 hours in the Pharmacy and they call saying that Cypro doesn't work with one of the things I cultured last time..Stenotrophomonoss, basically Psudemonus's cousin.(spelling isn't right). So then back to the pharmacy we go to get Bactrum. 2 pills every 12 hours for 2 weeks! Follow up appt scheduled for Feb. 9th. Now talk about a long day. But on a plus side...I GAINED WEIGHT!! YAY!! I finally gained the weight back that I lost when I was sick in September.
Sooooo if i'm not feeling better by Friday or Saturday, i'm going to have mom call and see if they can put me in. My theory is, "none of these pill expierements, just put me in, hook me up for 1-2 weeks with the good stuff and send me home all better :)". Soo let's see if my resolution can stay true :) But all I can say is, ever since PFT's, i'm not myself. Somethings wrong. I can just feel it, and i'm so weird that nobody can hear crackles or pnemonia when they listen to me. So, here's the update and will post later. Bye!

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