The Joys of having CF

The Joys of having CF

Friday, January 7, 2011

Pshh! I Got This!!!

I got this under control!! I am bound and determined I will NOT go into the hospital!!!! I have Great hopes that this year will be a hospital free year :)
I am feeling good. Chest tightness is less. I am currently taking Bactrum, and started Tobi up early. I have Cipro-but won't use it unless my culture grows staff, or psudemonus(spelling?). I still curently have stenotrophomonus(spelling?). I will be on Bactrum for 2 weeks. I started on Wednesday night, so I will be done on the 19th. I then go back to the dr. on February 9th, and we'll go from there. If PFT's are up that means antibiotics worked. If not--plan B. I'm praying they'll work.
Otherwise I am doing great!!! still feeling great! which is a plus when having an infection like pnemonia. It's easier to fight it off. I hung out with mom today, and got a haircut :) We talked to Make~A~Wish people, and the travel agent is in the process of planning my trip. WooHoo!! So since we know it will be forsure in March, I scheduled a hair appt. for March 2nd :)
So this is a recent update. Have a great weekend. Not much planned for us. Going to a funeral/memorial for a family friend who died way to young. He was only in his early 20's. We know this family VERY well! So, please keep them in your prayers.
Have a good weekend and I will keep you all posted :)

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