The Joys of having CF

The Joys of having CF

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

i want it back

i want it back, the way it was a month ago. i want no cares in the world. i want the warm weather, the ocean, the wind...everything!!!! i miss it! i miss the freedom of waking up everyday knowing there wasn't a care in the world. i miss the relaxation. there wasn't a care in the world. reality was gone! i enjoyed the time with my family so much, i just miss it! i miss getting up early just as the sun had set, i miss watching the most beautiful sunset before i went to bed. i miss being away from everythign for a week, my cell phone didn't work for 9 days, it was very nice. i miss having no distractions like from a computer or phone, it was quiet and very nice to have no distractions. i miss the water...i miss the colores of the water. i just miss everything! mainly i miss not being in reality! so here i am 4 weeks later...back in reality! happy to be home, so very happy to have my Dog back, if it wasn't for him being in the USA, i dont know if i'd be back. i'm back in my daily routine of things, back to the school work, back to everything. missing not being in reality...but in the end reality isn't so bad...i just miss seeing this everyday:

but you know what...reality isn't that bad :) but i can't wait to start planning my next vacation...Hawaii, Key West hmm... ~God Bless

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