The Joys of having CF

The Joys of having CF

Sunday, October 2, 2011

Awaiting Winter

I know, I can't believe I said that either. But, the reason I said that is because this winter is going to be awesome!!! In December we get to go visit our our great friends George & Jill in Arizona, and sometime over the winter we also get to go to Florida. See my parents just hit some goals, and new levels in their business and that qualifies them/us to get to go to Arizona and Florida. The Arizona trip is for all 3 of us, and the Florida trip is mostly for them, BUT since my grandma and grandpa(my mom's parents) live their, I get to go with, and while my mom and dad are by our other friends(probably shark fishing--lucky ducks) I get to hang out with my grandma and grandpa. I'm excited. I don't see them much, so this will be awesome!!! I'm so excited for 2012. It's going to be the BEST year our family's ever had!!!! And, i'm hoping to make it my healthiest year yet! Have a good day!!!

~God Bless

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