The Joys of having CF

The Joys of having CF

Monday, April 2, 2012

Random Blog--Update

Wow, have I been slacking--Big Time! So I guess I will do an update since i haven't in almost a month. Well:
*I finally joined Twitter :) Follow me @PaigeCF94
*I got my preordered Rascal Flatts Delux CD "Changed" and a poster today--yes it made my day :)
*I am still feeling great.
*I can't wait to go back to Arizona, I loved it :)
*I go back to CF clinic in 17 days. They are going to redo the arisol scan to make sure the IV meds got the blockages out of my lungs. Then I will have PFT's and see the doctor.
*I am anxiously waiting to do my senior pictures &
*as of today I officially have 3--yes 3 classes to finish up and I am DONE! with school :) which will be a whole year earlier than if I was still in public school. I should be done by June :) yes i'm stoked if you can't tell.
*We are going to Ohio this month for a few days for my parents business confrence,
*We had easter yesterday with my moms side of the family. I made Margarita cake--delish, and banana split cake--dairy free(my moms lactose intolorent) everyone likes it, don't worry-i make sure there's whip cream on the side for everyone.
*Lastly, this blog is totally random, if you can't tell. I hope everyone's doing well, and remember:
It's also 2 months till my local CF walk-a-thon, so if you're interested in helping me meet my goal this year, and helping create more tomorrows here's my personal CF donation page:

~God Bless


  1. It was great having you out here!!

  2. It was great being there. Can't wait to go back!