The Joys of having CF

The Joys of having CF

Friday, June 1, 2012


Remember in my last post how I talked about setting my goal to finish my high school year of school by May 2012, and how 2 years ago I had written it on my mirror. Well, I want to share something with you. Here:

This is what I wrote on my bathroom mirror 2 years ago. Can you tell? Look how the writing is faded. You know why I wrote it there? Because every morning and night when I'm brushing my teeth, or brushing my hair, I would have no choice but to look at it, and that motivated me. 
Now, I titled this post "Goals" because I think goals are something that are very important, and not thought of and need to be taught more. I've always been taught that if you write down your goal, somewhere where you can see it everyday, it will bug you enough to where you will do whatever it takes to get your goal met so you just don't have to look at the words anymore. Does that make sense? A goal is something that you want so badly! and you set your mind into getting it, and when you put a date to your goal or a time frame, as I did above--it makes the goal that much more real because you are making your self accountable to...yes, YOURSELF! And let's face it, being accountable to yourself is hard, because you can easily decide to become side tracked, or you have people come up to you with negative comments such as "you can't do this", but you have to want your goal bad enough to where that won't matter. Just like having Cystic Fibrosis. You have to be accountable to yourself when it comes to doing your medicines. Because let's face it, if you're not accountable to yourself when it comes to your meds, the result isn't just-"oh i missed my goal", the result becomes, "oh man-I'M SICK". 
I hope this post makes sense, and I apologize for rambling, I just wanted to stress the importance of goals. Write soon. 
~God Bless

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