The Joys of having CF

The Joys of having CF

Thursday, October 24, 2013

Don't forget to live!

Well today was the big day! My very first appointment with my new doctor in the adult side. To say I wasn't sad to not be at pediatrics anymore, would be lying. I miss my pediatric dr and clinic and staff, BUT rest assured after my appointment today I'm feeling much better. If you follow me on Facebook you probably know I had a great appointment. I started my visit with PFT's and blew.....99% never ever in my life have I blown that number so that was a great start to my day. Then I met with some of the staff like the nurse coordinater, social worker and dietician. Lastly my dr. He is a pretty cool guy. He is a pulmonologist and also a micro biologist(talk about a mouth full). One of the very first things he said to me that impressed me right away that I've never heard before and really put things into perspective was: "you've worked so hard for 18 years to be so healthy so you can live you're life, and I'm going to help you to live and enjoy that life". Basically meaning you've been told to do your meds and treatments so you live a long life, but you also have to remember to be able to enjoy and live that life! So all in all 
I really like my new dr. One last thing he said to me today that made my day was, "I'm not to worried about you health wise, I know you're going to be just fine and have a good future". That's very reassuring coming from a dr. 
And you know he really made me think today. We, CFers, are tought to grow up and do our meds, do our treatments, never miss one and work as hard as you can and do whatever you can to stay healthy so you can live a long life, but somewhere from the time we are told that to the present, we kind of forget to "Live" in a sence. We worry so much about staying healthy and sometimes "living" gets put aside. 
So I just want to end with a reminder: yes we have to do our treatments, yes we must do whatever we can to stay healthy, BUT we can't do all this work and forget to live. So please, go out and LIVE a long and Healthy life! It is possible to do both :) 

~God Bless

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