The Joys of having CF

The Joys of having CF

Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Seem's So Long Ago

It seems so long ago since I've blogged, but really it hasn't. A month maybe? I'm not an avid blogger. I blog when I think of it. Let's be honest; I think about it all the time, I have lists of blogs I read each day while on VEST, but I really only blog when I make myself take time to do it. I always say I'm a bad blogger, and I'm going to try to get better, both true statements, but in all reality the only way for me to get better at blogging is if I physically make time. Maybe I should make that part of my New Years resolution? Who knows. Anyways enough rambling. 
I hope everyone is doing good. I am doing great!! Staying healthy-despite the rediculiously cold weather we've been having where I live. Tomorrow morning its supposed to be -15* brrr! But in all honesty I do really like snow. Driving in fresh new snow is so fun(If it's not icy). I love looking out the window at fresh snow, when it's sunny outside and just watch it twinkle. It just makes me happy. Don't get me wrong. I dislike cold weather but there's just something about snow. It's also my favorite time of the year. Christmas time. I LOVE Christmas. I'm one of those who thinks about it all year long. I enjoy everything about it:  the meaning of it, being thankful, the music, giving presents, and just the joy of it. It's the time of year where people spend to much money on gifts, possibly get wrapped up in buying presents, but I love seeing how people enjoy giving to others. It makes me happy. I too also enjoy giving gifts to people this time of year and seeing everyone get happy, but I also have to remember the true meaning. 
Last time I blogged, or the time before, I mentioned my grandpa, and how he had a stroke. He's still at the nursing home but doing better.
I know I'm rambling but as things pop into my head I'm writing them down. 
My baby is doing good, he too is enjoying the snow, except he gets cold to quick. 
Could he get any cuter. Man I love him. 
Oh, so this year I went Black Friday shopping with my dad...on Friday, which is something surprisingly he enjoys as do I. We don't wait in lines for things and we go shopping for ourselves. It's the time of the year when we all get new clothes since their on sale. This year was no different, we got clothes that were on major sale, I got a pair of boots that were an awesome deal, and I finally got my new bed spread. It was finally discounted enough and my cheapness got the best of me(side note, I'm a total sale shopper). 
Isn't it sharp? So colorful, and reversible, I love it: 
Other than that, that's about it. Oh here's a picture of me and Bo the other day-not the greatest but that's okay: 

Sorry for my ramblings, I will try to write either before or after Christmas. If I don't write before I hope everyone has a great Christmas!! Have some Joy: 
Go watch a good Christmas movie, I suggest The Chistmas Shoes & The Christmas blessing. I cry everytime. Go listen to some great Christmas music, spend time with the ones you love. Be thankful for everything you've been blessed with this year and remember the true meaning of Christmas. 

~God Bless  

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