The Joys of having CF

The Joys of having CF

Monday, September 29, 2014

Home-Day 1

Today was my first official day home. Honestly I didn't do much at all. I slept in(minus my 6 a.m.) IV, then ran some errands with my dad, and went and got coffee in honor of "National Coffee Day".
After errands we came home in time for me to start my IV's. I have Zosyn & Levaquin, so i'm basically hooked up from around 2-5ish. So in that time I decided to also do a VEST treatment. It's basically been a "catch up" day. It happens, especially when you've been gone for a week unexpectedly.

I am pretty proud of myself. After not being on IV's in over 2 years, I wasn't sure if i'd remember how to do some things, like take a shower 1 handed while trying to keep my arm covered enough to not get soaked. I wasn't sure if i'd remember how to inject myself with meds, or how to make sure I don't over due it(which is the hardest for me).

I am happy to report all that stuff has come back like second nature. I am a Pro at a 1 handed shower...and I am great at injecting myself with meds.
Some may think it's not normal to know how to do that & to be comfortable with that, but it goes with the territory. While I'm administering my meds into myself I cant help but think, no other person probably will ever go through this or understand what im doing, but in my mind I know that this is  my "life", this is the only way for me to get better faster, and its what I have to do to stay healthy; and no it's not "normal" but to a CFer...its our lifeline.

Well there's not to much else to report...things are so far going good at home. I have nothing pla

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