The Joys of having CF

The Joys of having CF

Friday, October 30, 2015

21 Days...Day 8

Today is day 8, this next life lesson is probably one of my favorites. 

Dare to Dream.

I see a lot of people that are afraid to dream, dream of the future, dream of the unforgettable. Growing up my parents always encouraged me to dream, they never told me I couldn't do something, instead guided me how to achieve it.
I know we all have dreams in us, deep down. Even when life gets tough sometimes those dreams become smaller and eventually fade. You have to remember to keep your dreams alive! It gives you something to look forward to. 
Having Cystic Fibrosis has taught me to always dream, and imagine the future. Even though there's a life expectancy on CF, that doesn't stop me from dreaming, in fact it makes me dream even more, it makes my dreams that much more real. Something to look forward to.
And I'm not afraid to say, I'm stubborn enough, and a little selfish that I will do whatever it takes so I can see all my dreams come true, and I hope you all do to. 
I think in the end, dreaming will make me live even longer...and that's just the plan I have. 

~God Bless

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