The Joys of having CF

The Joys of having CF

Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Options & Hope

Today I went back to my old clinic. The clinic I went to for 7+ years before i transferred to my current clinic. I did lots of research. I met with one of the top doctors. She was awesome. Very knowledgeable. She answered a lot of my questions, we talked about health plans, goals, and went over my medical history. 
Each person I had contact with today asked why i wanted to switch since I'm currently attending one of the top CF centers. When you hear a clinic say their following "Minnesota protocol" that's my clinic. 
This clinic is smaller. In their words they try to model the clinic I go to, and are even trying to recruit my old pediatric pulmonologist so they can get more research there. 
After lots of discussion, questions, and meeting a wonderful CF team I left with options. 
I did not want to make a final decision today. I wanted to weigh all my options. I left with a small amount of, "what do I do", and a greater amount of hope. 
I now have two great clinics I can choose from. Both are great. Don't get me wrong I do love my current Doctor, there just needs to be some change. 
So after all this where does this leave me. 
Right now I am going to keep my two doctors appointments in Minnesota next month. One day I have my annual studies, chest X-ray, dexa scan, and sinus CT. Then the next day I have PFT's and the doctor visit. This appointment will be at a new facility, so maybe things will be different. My biggest dilemma really, is wanting a new ENT doctor for when I need my sinus surgery.
I am going into the appointment with all my concerns, questions, and most importantly options. I think just knowing that there are other options now just releaves a little pressure. 
Switching clinics isn't easy, especially when you have a whole team you work with. It's not just a doctor you switch. You switch dietician's, respiratory team, social workers etc. it's like leaving family, and today while being at the other clinic hearing how highly they talk about my current clinic, I couldn't help but feel a small sense of pride. It made me really think how thankful I am to be able to go there. To be at the tip of research, to see some of the top doctors, be at the clinic the VEST was created. To have met the doctor who created the VEST, and to also be at one of the top medical schools. 
A small part of me had a little guilt for being at this other clinic, almost like being a trader, BUT it made me realize how blessed I am to have all of that at my finger tips. 
I'm now sure if all my ramblings made any sense, but I say all that to say, I don't have my final decision made, and I won't make it until after my appointments next month, but today I left with more hope, gratitude, and most of all options. 

~God Bless 

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