The Joys of having CF

The Joys of having CF

Saturday, September 4, 2010

My "coming" true

today is a very great day! i am in the mood of crying, laughing, hugging family members, smiling, jumping with joy, and some sadness. why you ask all those mixed emotions, well remember about a month ago i believe it was when i had talked about the make~a~wish foundation, and i had been nominated from my mom, and how the dr's had to approve of my medical health to make sure i fully qualify...well guess what-----I QUALIFY!!! yesterday afternoon, we got the mail and there was a large envelope from make~a~wish. i tore it open right away and the only words i was able to see was "paige had been medically qualified" and i was so excited. those were the first words i read and finally read the whole thing later tonight right beore i decided to write this. i am so happy i could cry, laugh, hug, smile, jump w!ith joy, and the only sadness is knowing that some people will never get this opportunity, or some child passed away to soon before they could make their "wish". i feel so blessed, and thank god so much, for this wonderful opportunity. i am planning what my wish is, but all i know for sure is that i know the main part of it, just with out the details. so now we are waiting for a phone call from our wish granters(people who do like the anicial visit with the family) to set up an appt. to come to our house and plan my wish. i am so speachless right now, and i am so honored to be blessed so much, i only hope one day i can help some little child's dream come true, just like mine is going to. i want to end with a poem that was in one of the pamphlets they sent along for us to read, its absolutely INCREDIBLE!

What is a Wish?

When I go to sleep at night,
I dream in color, not black and white.

I dream of things both big and small,
like playing in the band
or shopping at the mall.

I dream of what I'd buy if I could,
Clothes, music, toys, etc...
Everything sounds good!

I dream of places both near and far,
And how I might get there-
By plane, bus, train, boat, or car!

I dream of what I would like to do,
If I could have any job to go to.

I dream of meeting a famous person-YEAH,
What would I wear, what would I say?

To Go, To Have, To Be or To Meet,
Make your favorite wish-
We'll work to make your wish complete!