The Joys of having CF

The Joys of having CF

Thursday, February 9, 2012

Hospital update & Day 27

Day 27 is what kind of person attracts you? Well the type of person that attracts me is someone who is of course; nice, and loves to help people, and likes to make a difference, someones whos confindent, and knows "why they believe what they believe". That is what kind of person attracts me.
Hospital Update: Well today made day 2 1/2 today. I came in Tuesday night, got my IV and started 2 very hard-core meds. Doxicyclin & Levaquin. Well because they are so strong, it was messing with my iv, so i had to get another one last night. So tomorrow (Friday) I am getting a PICC line, and then I should be able to come home Saturday on home IV's for 2 weeks-give or take. So that is the game plan :) Yesterday i had what they call an arisol x-ray scan which is where i breathe in and out something that has oxygen and some kind of radiation type thing(the whole scan supposidly had less radiation than an x-ray), anyways the scan as I breathed in and out showed where all the air went in my lungs, and the purpose of that scan is to see if i have any blockages in my lungs. I keep saying I have pain in my right lower lobe, and my upper left lobe and its not that they don't believe me, but they have a hard time treating it because they can't see if on an x-ray and they can't hear it when they listen to me, so this scan was supposed to see if there was any blockages. Well there were two little blockages-guess where? yup a small spot on my LOWER right lobe, and a little bigger one on my UPPER left lobe. So now they know the correct way to treat me :) So that's whats new and the game plan, after 2 weeks they want to redo the scan to see if the blockages are gone, and if not then we'll go from there.
OH, also, when i get my PICC line i'm going to be a model. During my PICC line placement they are going to take pictures of the whole process start to finish, and then when they have to explain the procedure to people/kids they will use my pictures to explain the procedure. A photographer comes in and everything. I'm kinda excited about it. Well i better go, I have a VEST at 5:00, IV meds at 6 or 7 or 8. Have a good night. Love you all. thanks so much for all the thoughts and prayers. ~God Bless

Day 25 & 26--Hospital Update later

So yesterday was day 25 and today is day 26. I will do a hospital update later. Anyways, day 25 was your top 5 favorite books/movies. My top favorite movies are:
1) Ladder 49
2) Hairspray
3) A Walk to Remember
4) Sweet Home Alabama
5) Miracle
and for the record i love ANY John Travolta movie :-) Next is my top favorite books are:
1) Hope was Here
2) Do You Think I'm Beautiful
3) Grown up Girlfriends
4) 7 Habbits of Highly Effective People
5) To Kill A Mockingbird
Day 26 is a photo of a place you want to go. I don't have a picture on my phone but i've been to Bora Bora and definetly want to go back soon but I do want to go to the BVI (British Virgin Islands).
Well i will do a health update later. Love you all. ~God Bless