The Joys of having CF

The Joys of having CF

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Make~A~Wish Trip!!

So I know a lot of people have been asking for photos, and how my Make~A~Wish trip was. One word to describe my trip-BREATHETAKING!!!! It was the most amazing trip to paradise in the world. I wish everybody could expierence it in their lifetime. We left on Friday March 11th, and got home Sunday March 20th. We got picked up at about 6 a.m. and we headed to Minnesota airport. We left their and went to Denver, Colorodo airport. Then we left their and were headed to Los Angeles airport(LAX). So their we had a 6 hour layover, and at about 10 something at night we were on our way to Tahiti. When we got to Tahiti, at around 5 or 6ish we then caught a little plane to Bora Bora. about an hour ride away. Then from Bora Bora airport a boat shuttle came to take us to our resort, about a 30 minute ride. So we finally got to the resort at about 11 ish in the morning(on Saturday). So we then go to our room(no glass bottom floor hut), their was a reservation mixup. So where we were going to stay was a place for if you wanted quiet, meaning to get to the bar, restaurant, gift shop, or pool you had to take a boat for about 5 minutes across to get the to the main island. So I asked if I couldn't have a glass bottom hut, could we at least stay on the other side. So we did-no glass bottom hut-but closer to everything. So that night we went and ate the buffet and watched a show, that had hula dancers, and a fire guy :) it was very cool. We were all so tired we went back and went to bed after the show. Oh, and my nebulizer compressor also blew up the first day because they said it would work in the outlets...wrong. but my vest worked great! So then Sunday we had a free day. We got to do whatever we wanted to do. We chose to go to what they call a Pearl Market, and give you a tour of where pearls are from, how they get them etc...and show you how they get the pearls out of the clam. It was a pretty awesome tour. *did you know-that to get black pearls they have to put the clams in water from the Mississippi River because there's a certain mineral in the water*. So then we went to the Tahiti Pearl Market(it was right outside our resort, and I bought myself a loose pearl, and a ring. A friend of mine is going to help me design something for my loose pearl :) So then Monday was the Shark & Sting Ray tour. It was pretty awesome, except at our first stop-Coral Reefs, we got out of the boat, I decided to take a life jacket, thank goodness, and we had our snorkles and we were looking at all the fish, it was so awesome, but the waves had to be at least 2 ft high. So everytime you'd come up they'd take you back under. It freaked me out a little bit, so I didn't go in by the sharks and rays, but I did pet the Rays. My Sister, and Dad said the sharks were awesome! So then Tuesday we decided to go into town. That was awesome. We went shopping, and saw what the town was really like. Then Tuesday night we went to an american owned restaurant called Bloody Mary's. Oh my I highly recommend it if you ever go to Bora Bora. And our last day in Bora Bora(Wednesday) we just hung out, watched a show, and took pictures. It truely was an amazing trip. Thursday we cought the plane and went to Tahiti for 2 nights. Friday, we went into town in Tahiti, and shopping and got to see more of the culture. It was pretty fun(and then it started to rain) but stoppped within 5 minutes. and Friday night(our last night) we ate at a Terryiaki(spelling) place where they make the food in front of you-it was so awesome! and Saturday we cought our plane from Air France, and flew to L.A. and spend the night and Sunday we made it home. It was truely a trip of a lifetime. I wish everyone could have seen the colors, the water was so blue, it was never the same color in the same place. One word to truely describe the trip-Breathetaking!!! So here's a slideshow of some pictures I hope you enjoy, and I apologize for waiting so long to do this. Enjoy!!

Saturday, March 26, 2011

I am back!!!

I am back. I apologize tramendously for not posting sooner. I am going to try my hardest to get up a big post about the trip(hopefully before Monday). I just wanted to say I am here's a picture....more to come later :)

(I know this isn't the best picture. It's hard to see but there's 2 different water colors here, a dark and almost teal color...breathetaking)

Thursday, March 10, 2011

7 1/2 hours...bon voyage!!

The counting is finally coming to an end. in just 7 1/2 short hours we are getting picked up at our house, and heading to the Minnesota airport to catch our first, of 4 flights. Once we get their, our plane leaves around 11:50 or so. Then we are on our way to Denver, Colorodo. We have about a 45-60 minute layover there. Then from there we go to LA!!!!! I'm very excited about that. And after 7 hours there....BON VOYAGE!!!
Well this will be my last post for a while. Love you all, thank you all for the wonderful calls, texts, and messages wishing me and my family a wonderful trip.!! I love all of you, to my fellow CFers...stay healthy and "just breathe". ~God Bless

'just another day in paradise'

Monday, March 7, 2011

3 1/2 days!!!

In just 3 1/2 days we will be leaving for Bora Bora. We will be getting picked up at 6:00 a.m. to go to the airport, and leave around noon for Denver. From Denver we are going to LA and that is where we have the long layover. Around 7 hours to be exact. But, we have to get to our gate for our flight to Tahiti 3 hours early because of customs, so technically only a 4 hour delay. Not to bad. I love people watching :) and going to coffee shops and getting iced coffees :) Plus, we're in LA right? I'm bound to see or meet a celebrity at somepoint(hopefully). So then we're off. We are leaving LA at like 9 or 10 at night, so when we get to Tahiti it's 4 a.m. so when we get to Bora Bora we have the whole day to spend. So from their I/we get to spend the next 7 days in Paradise. So, if I don't get a chance to write a post before Friday...Bon Voyage!!! and will write after we get home, oh and share pictures!!! :) God Bless!!

Here's a link to a Rascal Flatts song off their new album: Nothing Like This. I hope you really listen to the words. Enjoy!!!

Thursday, March 3, 2011

8 days & Going Away Party we're only 8 days away from the most amazing trip ever! I am so excited. But, you know, it doesn't seem real at all. It sounds so exciting, planning activities and trying to decide what to do, what to get, what to see, where to go etc... but in the end it sounds sooo unbelievably amazing, yet not real. I feel like i'm living this amazing dream and waiting for reality to set it, but reality is I'M GOING TO BORA BORA!!!! I don't think this trip will feel real until I am sitting in the airport, waiting to board the plain. I wish everybody could expierence this amazing opportunity. It's truely amazing!! Yesterday(Wednesday) we had my "going away party". We got our itinerary, tickets, and all the awesome information! I got presents, my sisters got presents, we had pizza and soda, with cake. ooo yummy cake. My grandma and Aunt and Uncle came also. It was a really good time. I really enjoyed it. Sooo...time for pictures.
Click the link below and this will take you to some pictures I uploaded earlier. Enjoy!!!
8 days!!!