The Joys of having CF

The Joys of having CF

Tuesday, November 10, 2015

21 Days...Day 17-19

It has been a couple days since I wrote. It wasn't my plan to skip, but a couple nights flew by and the more I thought about it, these next few life lessons kind of blend right in together. Let's get started. 
My life lessons for days 17-19 are: 
-your mother will become your best friend 
-your father is always right 
-yes it's true what they say; the older you get the more you realize your parents are always right(even when you don't want to admit it). 
Let me explain. 

My mom and I have a,ways been close, I mean let's face it she's been with me through EVERY hospital stay and NEVER once did she leave me alone, and to this day even at almost 21, she still comes to every appointment and stays with me. Per my request. She is the one person who knows exactly what's wrong when I'm sick. I don't even have to say it. She just knows, which is nice because if for some reason I'm having a hard time, she can communicate to doctors. 
Now I'm not saying we have a perfect relationship. It's actually far from it. We disagree A LOT, we get into big disagreements, we get on each other's nerves a lot, we have the same personality, which sometimes clashes, but at the end of the day she is one person I tell everything to. We disagree hard, and love hard. I call or text her first when I have bad news, or good news. I bounce ideas off of her. We may or may not share the same love for coffee. 
I've always heard the old saying; "a daughters just a girl who grows up to be your friend". Well she will always be my mom first and foremost. And yes, I do have other friends, but at the end of the day my mom is one of my best friends, and I can't imagine, and wouldn't want it any other way. 

I really have no explanation for it, but somehow my dads always right. He is the smartest man I know. I always bounce ideas, problems, and questions off of him, and I always ask him for advice, and I still can't figure it out but 99.99% of the time he is ALWAYS right. I'm so thankful for always having him around. I know I can always count on him. 

You know the saying that when your growing up your parents know nothing, and are never right. Well yes, I had those same thoughts, but the older I get the more i realize(and sometimes don't like to admit it) but in more and more life situations I've come to learn to listen when you ask for advice, and it's usually best to take their advice because most of the time...their right. 

I can't believe my birthdays 2 days away. I am so excited. I'm also very thankful for everything my parents have done and taught me the last 21 years and that's why I've dedicated this post to them. 

Till tomorrow 
~God Bless