The Joys of having CF

The Joys of having CF

Thursday, October 16, 2014

"How are you really doing?"

This was a question I was asked yesterday and quite honestly I didn't know how to answer it. I always say I'm doing fine, or i'm doing good, because usually I am but the more I thought of this question through out the day the more I realized that this was the first time ever, I was kind of stumped for an honest answer.

Let me explain: I always try to have a good attitude especially with CF, and life in general. Getting sick or going into the hospital doesn't bother me, because I know its something that needs to be done--basically it's like "routine maintenance", I know, a weird analogy, but it's true.
Yesterday I got my IV pulled since being on home IV's for the last 2 weeks, I also got my flu shot. I'm all set for winter.
But I realized something...I don't "bounce back" like I usually do. This hospital stay/sickness this time has been much harder, it's really taken much more out of me than usual. Usually by the time I finish IV's I feel 110%, this time i'm about a 97%, I'm almost there but not quite.
So what have I really learned the last 3 weeks:
-I need to not let myself get run down, tired/exhausted. Even though I think I'm fine-my body knows best.
-I need to work harder than usual to stay healthier...I think that honestly comes with age, the older you get sometimes the harder it is to bounce back
-I don't "bounce back" like I used to.
-I need to slow down...period.
So back to the main topic: "how am I really doing?", I'm doing okay. Now as good as I should, but Much better than I was.

This hospital stay/sickness has really been a learning experience for's really made me stop and look at my life, and realize I need to simplify my life as much as possible, I need to truly SLOW down, and I need to just enjoy life...and take it easy.

But in the end I know everything is in God's hands, and I WILL do everything in my power to prove statistics wrong, and I WILL live a very long, and wonderful life :)

~God Bless