The Joys of having CF

The Joys of having CF

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

30 Days of blogging: Day 3

So as many of you know I have been doing this the last few days and i've been doing pretty good at keeping up with doing all 3 days so far :) So before I get to what Day 3 is, I just wanted to give you all an update on my health. Tomorrow I go to my CF dr. I have been out of the hospital for a total of 8 months!!!!! Crazy! I'm hoping for a total year w/no Iv' you think i can make it? Anyways so i go tomorrow and will update everyone on how my appointment goes.

Okay so now onto the Day 3 of blogging. Day 3 is your idea of your perfect first date. So i've never been on a first date before, heck i've never been on a date before haha but hey i'm only 17 ;) but I think a perfect first date would just maybe be going to dinner or something like that. I don't know.

So that is Day 3. If you want to join, just look at my posts from Day 1 & 2 and it has the catagories and such. Have a good night. Love you all. ~God Bless