The Joys of having CF

The Joys of having CF

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Footprints in the Sand

There is an awesome poem that I would like to share with's claled "Footprints In The Sand" and I think it is how life should be...I believe that God has put us on this earth for a reason/purpose, and I hope you don't dissapoint him, and I hope you leave your mark on this earth. Leave your "Footprints In The Sand".

"One night I had a dream.
I dreamed I was walking along the beach
with God and across the sky flashed
scenes from my life..."

"...When you see only
one set of footprints in the sand
it was then that
I was carrying you."

~Mary Stevenson

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Where are you Mr. Sun?

Now, I haven't posted in a while. But, I figured out what to post on today. Exercise. Now excersise helps CF people tramendously, because it helps your lungs. It not only "excersises your body", but also your lungs. It helps improve your lungs and makes you and your lungs healthier. Some things I do to stay healty is I;
*Bike Ride
Now I try to run a 1/2 mile everyday, but since it's been so rainy I haven't been able to, that's why I keep wondering where are you Mr. Sun?
I walk quite a bit, because it's fun easy excersise(and my puppy enjoys it tramendously) :)
Bike Riding is very fun, and can be quite a work out depending where you bike ride, and I think swimming is one of the best things to do, along with running.
So, those are some ideas on how to keep you healthy during the summer. I hope you take the time to excercise a little more--trust me your lungs will appreciate it. :)

Monday, June 7, 2010

My Baby's 1!!!

(mother why are you waking me up...I need my beauty sleep)--Bo is so my dog. He loves to sleep in just like I do. We can sleep until 10:30 or 11:00 in the morning if my parents would let me, and then if they wake Bo up before I get up then he just jumps back up on the bed with me and goes back to sleep. He either sleeps in his carrier or my bed mostly my bed, because I love sleeping with him :)

Now, I dont really have a baby, I have a puppy who is my baby, and turned 1 year old on Sunday June 6th. Now, my puppy Bo(my mini Yorki)is the best puppy ever. He is always by me, whenever I do my treatments he's always sitting at my feet, or we play fetch with toys etc...It's never boring at our house. Since the day I got Bo he's always known that I do my therapy. The first night I had him, he sat on my lap while I did my vest treatment. He's not afraid of it. He actually acts silly when I'm on it, because he knows I can't run after him when I'm on vest so he runs around ALL-OVER when I'm on vest and he tries to get away with stuff. He has tons of toys, and I keep myself occupied during my treatments by playing with Bo. So, I just wanted to share about my "baby" turning 1 year old!!

*Bo hates his picture taken, I try to take a picture and he'll be looking straight so I take the picture & BAM! he moved his head--pictures are very trying, but every once in a while we get good ones*

Sunday, June 6, 2010

My Future with CF

I want to start by saying I LOVE CF--Now, I'm one of those people that thinks about my future a-lot. I think about where I'm going to live, what kind of house I'm going to have, where & what my wedding will be like, how many kids will I have, but I think mostly of how my life with CF will be. Now, the way I see some of my life going is; We all know that in 2-5 years there's probably the cure(the drug just has to go through testing-and I pray & am almost positive it will be the cure), and with that happening my life will change TRAMENDOUSLY, I mean, I won't have to do my vest treatments so many times a day. Maybe once a day, I may still have to take my pills when I eat, and I will have to take the extra "cure" drug--but that's a price I'm willing to take to have the cure for CF, and I think it's amazing that I'm going to be alive and to actually be able to say, "I remember when they found the cure for CF". I think about once the cure comes, if a mother whose pregnant founds out that their child has CF, if they take the "cure" will the baby never have to deal with anything?(because when the mother is pregnant with a child who has CF, the pancrease of the child already starts being damaged as it developes in the mother) Those are the types of questions I ask myself. I believe that these next few years are the years of "Miracles". I believe that God has chosen these next few years to be miraculous years for people with CF, and I pray everyday for the cure for CF. I see a GREAT and BRIGHT future with people who have CF, and I see everybody who has CF living a VERY long life. I believe that CF has made me a stronger person, and I believe that I have CF because I believe that God chose me to be one of the special people to have CF because he new I could handle it, because remember *God never gives us more than we can handle* and I believe that is so true, and I believe that each and every person who has CF is a blessing from God and is here on this earth for a special reason and I believe that we are special to God. I would LOVE to hear what you think your future with CF would be like.

Remember: *God never gives us more than we can handle*, and *Everything happens for a reason*

Wednesday, June 2, 2010


Well, it's been quite awhile since i've posted anything and I decided that a good post today would be summer. Now since it's summer and people are out of school they "forget" to do their med's, because it's so nice out, and schools out and they want to hang with their friends. Well, that's NO EXCUSE!! to not doing your meds. It's EXTREMELY important that you remember to do your medicines, because that's what keeps us healthy and i'm sure nobody wants to end up in the hospital from not taking care of themselves. Am I right? So, I want you to remember, DO YOUR MEDICINES!! NO MATTER WHAT!!, and here's some tips on how to stay healthier during the summer:
*Bike Riding*
etc...those are just some things that help me stay healthier during the summer. I hope this post helps some people. Enjoy Summer!! HAVE FUN!