The Joys of having CF

The Joys of having CF

Monday, February 6, 2012

Day 23

Day 23 is 15 facts about me:

1) I am a Christian
2) I am 17
3) I have Cystic Fibrosis (of course)
4) I have a mini Yorkie named Beauregard(Bo) and he is my Baby.
5) I have been to Bora Bora
6) I love to travel
7) I have a big love for food
8) I am homeschooled
9) I have 2 older sisters
10) I love the Cosby Show (even though we don't have T.V.)
11) I just got an iphone and L.O.V.E. it
12) I am naturally a brunette-but color my hair
13) I love shopping
14) I believe God put me on this earth for the reason of helping people and making a difference in the world and i'm not going to let him down. I believe he has big plans for me.
15) I live life by the motto, "life's not the breaths we take, but the moments that take our breath away"

~God Bless