The Joys of having CF

The Joys of having CF

Saturday, October 1, 2011

Cost of a Lung Transplant

Have you every really thought of how much a double lung transplant had? One of my facebook friends had that as a post a few days ago, and the average is around $5-600,000. Give or take. It could be off a little. She said in 2007 a single lung transplant costed around $400,000. The average cost of a double lung transplant was $550,000. If you had a heart-lung transplant(getting a new heart and one lung) was around $875,000.
The total cost of a lung transplant includes several types of expenses, such as diagnostic tests, the costs of procuring and transporting donor organs, fees for the surgeon and the anesthesiologist, pre- and post-operative hospital care (including time spent in the intensive care unit, or ICU), and fees for prescription drugs. For example, the total cost of a single-lung transplant includes about $20,000 in evaluation fees, $41,000 to obtain and prepare a donor lung, $33,000 in physician's fees and $210,000 for the cost of the hospital stay. It also includes about $65,000 for follow-up care and $30,000 for immunosuppressive medications. All of these expenses may vary according to the particular medical provider, and the length of the hospital stay.
Resource:: online resource Transplant Living.

Just think about those numbers. It's INCREDIBLE!!! That is why we have fundraisers to raise money. The Cystic Fibrosis Foundation is not government funded, so it's up to us to raise money to find a cure! We MUST find a cure, SOON!!!!!!

On November 17th my parents are going to be climbing for a cure. I did last year, but i'm not going to due to the fact that there will be other CF people there, and I don't want to get sick, as I am currently at my healthiest, but I am still raising money for it.
So i'm asking, if you would please take the time to possibly make a donation to help us find a much need cure for CF. We can't lose anymore people to CF!! Here is a link you can go to to make donations.
Thanks so much!!! ~God Bless