The Joys of having CF

The Joys of having CF

Monday, September 6, 2010


what does wish mean to you? i have been thinking about that a lot lately. i want you to imagine that your wish/dream of a lifetime is finally coming true, and you can do ANYTHING! you can go on a vacation, meet someone famous, be something for a day etc...imagine that your one true wish/dream was coming true, and the sky's the limit. just imagine that. what would you do if you could do anything! no cost to you, the SKY's the limit. what would that feel like? what would that mean to you? what would your feelings be?
i have that opportunity at this very moment. i am planning my one true wish/dream in life. it's very hard to imagine that the sky's the limit. my feelings are overwhelmed. i am so happy it brings tears to my eyes. at night i think of my wish/dream and i just start crying, because its so hard to believe that my wish/dream is COMING TRUE! reality hasn't set in. i think about my wish/dream ALL.THE.TIME. when you can think about it all the time, that means it's THE.ONE. i am so thankful for number 1)my lord and savior jesus christ. 2)my parents, for not doing my make-a-wish when i was younger and letting me choose it myself. 3)make~a~wish for allowing me to qualify and for going to help me make my wish/dream come true. theres not one second, minute, hour, day, or moment that doesn't go by that i'm thinking about my wish/dream and there's not one second that doesn't go by that i almost start crying, because i am so grateful, thankful, and happy.
i want to end with what wish stands for. it was in one of the packets for my parents that we got from make~a~wish, and i think it sums everything up.

Wander.... Through your memories to the time you were a child. What did you love? What made your heart beat faster? Where did you dream of going? Who was your hero? What made the sun rise? What were your last thoughts when you were going to sleep? What did you dream you would one day be?

Imagine.... Imagine you have a wish. Close your eyes and experience the magic of wishing. Imagine how a wish would feel, a wish that could come true.

Stop.... and let your child do the rest. Children wish so beautifully all by themselves!

Hold.... Your child's hand and reach for the stars together. Forget adult cares and worries, thoughts of bills, hospitals, and treatment plans. Allow your child to reach out fot the wish that will come true, reach out for hope, strength, and joy!