The Joys of having CF

The Joys of having CF

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

378 Hours?

In roughly 378 hours, or 16 days, we will be on our way to Bora Bora. Seems like a long time right? Not really. Starting next week things are going to be getting craz(ier) than normal. We have our hair appt's scheduled, mani/pedi's scheduled, plus we have to get some extra things to bring with us, so we have to do a little shopping, and when I say little I do mean little. And...we still have to get the adapters or converters for my VEST and compresor, since the wattage of my VEST is 300, and the wattage of my compressor(its small) is 200. So our week is going to be a little crazy starting next week. Plus--we have to meet with my wish granters once more, and plan my going away party which will be squeezed in there somewhere. On Wednesday the 2nd, I go to get my hair done :) and then go and hopefully get a swim suit, then on the 6th, my sister and I and maybe my cousin are going to get mani/pedi's(i'm just getting a mani, but they'd be getting both). Then on the 7th, my mom and I go and get pedi's, and she's hopefully getting her fake nails back...oh how I miss those on her. and then we're down to 3 1/2 days after that and we leave. Sounds stressful a little, but it's going to be all FUN!!!! I am so thankful for all the snow we've gotten the past few days because that's making me appreciate my trip more and more, so to all the 8+ inches we've gotten lately...THANK YOU!!! So will write soon.
~God Bless~

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