The Joys of having CF

The Joys of having CF

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Hospital Update & Pictures :)

Hey Everyone, just wanted to do a quick update for everyone, and share some pictures. I'm doing okay, still don't have that good of an appetite, on 2 strong IV antibiotics, and a pain med for VEST(because of the chest pain i've been having when i try to take deep breathes on VEST). i had a repeat X-Ray yesterday, nothing new, nothing gone away. I have a great IV. The new hospital is amazing!(see below for pictures). I'm getting my blood sugar checked before I eat because when i'm sick I tend to sometimes get high blood sugars. Will try to update more often, either on here or FB. Love you all!! Thanks so much for the text messages. It makes my day. Love you all so much, thanks for reading, and staying in touch. In honor of CF awarness month, and now that i'm in the hospital what better awarness, right? Have a great day!!! ~God Bless

Here are some pictures. Enjoy!!! This room is very very huge! Larger than most hospital rooms. The keyboard is so if I don't want to watch TV anymore, I can use the keyboard with the TV and use the TV as my computer screen. Talk about FB on steroids :) and another cool feature is that i have these cool neon lights on the ceiling and i can choose from 9 colors to make it, and the curtons are electric, so you have to push a button to get them to go up, or down. Definetly having that feature in my future house :) well i'm off to take a nap. Update soon. Love ya! ~God Bess