The Joys of having CF

The Joys of having CF

Friday, February 21, 2014

Wisconsin Winter

I love where i live. I live in Wisconsin and it's so beautiful. You get to see all 4 seasons, my favorites are definitely Spring and Fall. Something about drury, sloppy, rainy, muddy days i just love, I'm not sure why. I like summer but with my CF I don't like it too humid, and yes believe it or not I do like winter. The snow is so pretty, but this winter is testing my patience. I believe one site said out of 30+ days all of them have been in the negative. But the -30* days made me consider my liking for winter. I'm not one to complain because the cold air does actually help and make my lungs feel good but I'm ready for warmer weather. Just today we got more snow. 
This is the drift in front of our garage: 
Above my knees. 
And this was after some tracks: 
So deep. 
But it does give me an excuse to stay in sweats all day. 
Even Bo isn't impressed that the snow is taller than him: 
BUT: one thing I know for sure, the snow can't stay forever :) 
Hope everyone has a wonderful day! 
~God Bless 

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