The Joys of having CF

The Joys of having CF

Sunday, August 16, 2015

Be Aware

Last week i had a doctor's appointment with my CF specialist to discuss my hospitalization and to follow up. I did my PFT's and believe it or not my PFT's were the LOWEST they've ever been. My highest one was 81%. 
Next I met with my doctor, she was very happy to hear I'm feeling much better, but my numbers are a little alarming. So we are waiting on my cultures to come back, & my doctor suggested Predisone. this also leads me to my next topic...steroids. Specifically Predisone.
If anyone knows about steroids it can be a scary thought. The reactions. You're told you may get hungry. That's not to bad, but the other retractions you're not always told about, like mood swings, the fact you may become temporarily diabetic, sometimes your cholesterol will raise and physical affects can also come in the form. These are just a few things I wasn't necessarily informed about. 
I know getting steroids are sometimes scary because you don't always know what will happen, but done be afraid to ask questions, ask why you're being prescribed them. Get all the facts because sometimes the side affects, like becoming diabetic, which is a side affect I wasn't told about at first until I was on them once and my sugars hit 500+. Make sure YOU are comfortable with the decision because it is a big deal and life change and you have to make sure YOU are aware of the side affects. Do not be afraid to ask questions. 
Now why am I talking so much about Steroids? 
I got contacted a few days ago by someone who works with a company regarding "medical side affects, and asked if I'd like to write about a medicine that sometimes has hidden side affects and help raise Awarness. 
In conclusion in 8 weeks I'm going back to the doctor to decide if that is the right decision and from there we will put together a plan to get my PFT's back up because 81% does NOT cut it for me. I 
WILL do whatever it takes to get my lungs better. 

~God Bless 

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