The Joys of having CF

The Joys of having CF

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

E.R. Visit

Well, what an interesting night. Let me start by giving a brief overview of what happend.
First: I usually go up to my uncle's(the one I have the strange connection with) at night who has a farm, and help them with chores. Well last night was something special. I went up like usual, *feeling great* let me remind you, and I had eaten a little bit at my grandmas house(who lives across the driveway) and something tasted different, so I stopped eating it. So, then I went out to the barn and I was feeling good. Well, once milking was done I had this odd feeling, so I want up to the house to use the restroom, and vomitted. YUK! but then, I felt better, so I went back out to the barn to finish cleaning the barn & let the cows out, and I couldn't do it. I sat in the milk house with my aunt, and then told her that I had to go up that something I ate wasn't agreeing with me. So I apologized and went up and called my dad to come pick me up *sidenote--my uncle and grandma only live a few miles away on the same road we're on* anyways in the 5 minutes it took my dad to come get me I vomitted again. YUK! so we get home and I take a shower and vomit again, and then I went to bed with my dog. Well that's when the excitement comes in, at around 10:30ish I had my dad wake my mom up because around every 5-10 minutes I was vomitting, and then I had vomitted blood. So around 12:45ish I told my mom I wanted to go in. So we get in our truck(my dad had to carry me, I couldn't walk) and I layed on the back seat. I had asked my mom on the way there to call my uncle(who is an EMT) and see what he thought we should do, and he said to keep taking me in, and if we thought I needed an ambulance to just call 911 and he would hear the page. So, anyways my dad drove around 70-80 mph the whole way there, and to everyone's surprise there was NOT 1 police car out the whole time. So, we get there and I vomitted right when we were checking in (i didnt vomit the whole 20-25 minute ride), and then they take me back to room 9. So the nurse comes in and does bp, etc..then the Dr. comes in. I have had this Dr. before and like him. So he said to do some blood work and hook me up to some fluids(1 liter of fluids), and some nausea medicine. So they come in to do the IV(i love iv's let me mind you) and they did my left hand and got a good vein, well they tried to draw blood from the same vein and BAM! IV stopped working (also keep in mind that I have some not so good veins from so many iv's etc) so they try in my right hand-good vein again, and they draw blood and IT WORKED! so then I get hooked up to my IV and then I was allowed only ice chips for a little bit then the Dr. suggested some juice(apple) =) So, then I start feeling better and we go. We got home around 5 a.m. or a little after. WHAT A NIGHT!, and the most interesting thing is, it had NOTHING to do with my CF at all!! WOO HOO! CF(check good) so, i'm feeling better as I'm typing this, and maybe(hopefully) I can go help my uncle in the barn tonight but if not, i'm sure he'd understand. So there's the story of the wonderful E.R. visit. Well off to take nap ;) Have a good day!


  1. So sorry you had such an awful night. I hope you are still feeling okay tonight. Get some rest sweetie.