The Joys of having CF

The Joys of having CF

Saturday, November 7, 2015

21 Days...Day 16

Hospitals will become family. 

Being diagnosed with CF at 4 months old and spending almost my whole childhood in the hospital, early on I learned respect for everyone involved in my health. From doctors, to nurses, to phlebotomists, X-Ray technicians, social workers, child life name them I learned respect for them. It made me grow up faster. Made me really realize what life was/is and to not take it for granted. It taught me that family is important...and during sometimes I would see those wonderful people in the hospital more than my family, and they became my family. 
To me, family just isn't who you're related to by blood. It's those who are there for you, care for you when others are far away, or can't. 
Having CF I've learned to cherish my family, and cherish every moment with them, because years ago it wasn't always the case...and in those instances the hospital then became my family, and it's blended well, I have so many people who have/do care for me. I have one BIG family, that I love dearly. 
Thank you CF for my extra family, and the extra life lessons along the way. 

~God Bless 

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